How To Look Better In Your Wedding Photos?

Even after you have engaged the best wedding photographer in Singapore, you would still be scratching your own head and wondering how to look your very best in your wedding photo. Here are some of the best industry advice and tips that we can possibly give and share with you.

  • Drink lots of water and do not take highly processed foods like cup noodles e.t.c. for the 3-4 weeks before your wedding photo shoot or actual day wedding. This is important to keep your face free of pimples as much as possible. Also, reduce the amount of fried foods as well as chocolates during this period of time. If your wedding photoshoot is right after Chinese New Year in Singapore, do take special note of this tip during the CNY period, as many people in Singapore eat and gorge on such fried snacks during CNY. Don’t make that mistake, after all, it’s only one year which you need to forgo all these goodies on.
  • Hire a good photographer! Duh! But with so many cheap options, and freelancers undercutting each other in terms of prices, you may be distracted. Don’t. The average price of a good and respectable wedding photography package in Singapore is between $2,000 to $3,000. Some may be good but slightly cheaper at $1,500 to $2,000, but seriously, don’t go to someone who charges $500. I mean, would you buy a car for $1? You would think there’s something wrong, and likewise, this is the case for a wedding photographer as well. If you need a good photoshoot in Singapore, you can try engaging Grandeur‘s wedding photography services.
  • Hire a professional make up artist. Don’t pass this job to your friend. Pass it to a professional make up artist. This is because your hair also needs to be done up (for brides especially). There have been so many occasions where brides who pass this job to their friend end up with miserable results. Don’t. Just engage a true professional to do his or her job for you.

Ways To Make Sure You Get A Good Wedding Photographer

Here are some good ways in which you can ensure that your engaged wedding photographer is actually good (try if you need a professional wedding photographer in Singapore), both in terms of service and quality.

  • First of all, look at any online reviews of them (if possible) and more importantly than the quality of their photographs described (because everyone’s opinion is different), find out if there are any particularly bad reviews of the photographer’s response time. There are lots of freelancers in Singapore who take forever to reply, and can you imagine how slow they would be, not in replying you, but in returning you your wedding photographs after the whole event is over? Maybe your life may be over by the time they return it to you! Some people take 6 months just to return 1 album it’s crazy.. Make sure they have good response time (within 24-48 hours)..
  • Second of all, ask them for their past portfolio (or at the very least, check out their website). This is especially the case for actual day professional wedding photographers. Most photographers are good at taking and editing beautiful photographs for pre-wedding because the photos are posed. However, most photographs on the actual day are candid, and this means that the photographer has zero chance to retake that same scene again. This means that the photographer must be very sharp and quick and professional to take beautiful actual day wedding photographs. Judge a photographer’s true ability by looking at their actual day wedding photographs.
  • Third of all, it’s best to consult with a friend as well if the friend or family member happen to have engaged the wedding photographer or studio’s photoshoot services before. This is because the photographer will usually put only the best few photographs on their website, and you need to know the general quality of his or her photographs.
  • Last of all, it’s important to feel completely at ease with the photographer and/or the studio. This is because it would be terrible if you didn’t like them, but only liked their photographs and prices. You are only going to end up miserable if you don’t like bossy photographers and end up with such a photographer. Vice versa, if you have no experience in photography at all and prefer a more controlling professional, then you are going to be disappointed and irritated with a mild and meek photographer who doesn’t even dare to give instructions on how to take beautiful wedding images.

In short, memorize the above, use it, and you will more or less ensure that your photographer will be good.


A Singapore wedding photographer is no average photographer

A wedding photographer is not like the average photographers. There are some traits and characteristics that a Singapore photographer must have before he can truly be a professional wedding photographer.

1. Skill
A Singapore photographer needs to be really skillful at taking photographs. Nearly each shot needs to be perfect. This is because there are little rooms for mistakes for wedding photographers. If they mess up the wedding photo shoot or the actual wedding day shoot, their clients are not going to forgive them. These mistakes are huge and can cost the wedding photographer their entire career and reputation. Great photographs and consistency are the two keys here. Look at the wedding photograph below. This is the kind of standards clients want their wedding photographers to produce.

wedding photo

2. Dedication
Is the photographer dedicated to photography? Or is it merely just another hobby to him? If someone is dedicated to become a truly successful full-time photographer, he can make it as a wedding photographer. The wedding photographer needs the motivations to take pictures consistently and do it even when you don’t feel like it. Clients will schedule their wedding photography bookings with the photographer way in advance and when the day of the wedding photo shoot comes, the wedding photographer must fulfill his duties as promised.

3. Service-oriented
A wedding photographer needs to be very service-oriented. He needs to make the clients feel comfortable around him so that they will follow his instructions during the wedding photo shoot. One of the worst things that can happen is the clients not wanting to take orders from the wedding photographer during the photo shoot which will always produce undesirable results. There will be a lot of interactions going on between the wedding photographer and the clients so the level of customer service the wedding photographer needs to provide is definitely a lot higher than the other types of photography.

What Makes A Wedding Photographer Good?

If you are looking for a photographer now for your wedding, then here is some advice to help you find the best wedding photographer possible in Singapore.

1. First of all, cliché this may sound, but it depends on what you’re looking for. Some wedding photographers are excellent at taking wedding photographs which look really candid, and this may be the case for both AD photo shoots as well as pre-wedding photo shoots. Some photographer excel at taking posed photographs, and others artsy images. It all really depends. Just like how movie directors like Michael Bay have certain styles i.e. explosive scenes, professional wedding photographers have their own style. Don’t find a particular studio and ask them to take a style they don’t. At best, the studio will be struggling to do it, and at worst both parties will be severely unhappy.

2. Second of all, find out about the photographer’s portfolio. It is usually listed on the website belonging to him, her or his/her studio. This makes it very easy because you don’t even need to call or email them to ask to look at their portfolio. Their website shows it all and you can already see their style, and whether they are good at what they claim to do – wedding photography. Never make the mistake of not checking out a professional photographer’s portfolio and trusting someone’s recommendation only. Always check out the portfolio, because your friend or family member who recommended you that photographer may not fully understand the quality of the photographer’s images to you. Everybody’s opinion is slightly different.

3. Are the colours your type of photos? This is because most photographers like one style of colours – vibrant/vivid, faded/melancholy, dreamy e.t.c. Just like the style that the photographer uses, the colours he or she uses is also usually similar to his or her past work. Make sure that if you like wedding photographs with vibrant colours, then pick up a package with a photographer who has that too. If you like a dream like photograph and more faded colours in your wedding images, then pick a professional photographer whose style is like that too.

One of my favourite photographers in Singapore is Grandeur Wedding Studio. I use them and have also recommended to several friends. Lovely wedding photography studio company in Singapore, their photographers are friendly too. Easy to work together with!!

What To Expect For Wedding Photographers In Singapore?

Some people have never worked with a professional photographer before, and so do not know what to expect when it comes to professional SG wedding photographer services for their own marriage and photo shoot. Trust me, if the person is a true professional, then he or she would definitely make you feel at ease – that’s the true essence of a professional photographer.

A true wedding photographer professional will be able to take amazing photographs for you, while appearing at times when you need help, and blending in with the crowd when required (e.g. during the actual day wedding photography).

However, here are still some things that you might want to take note of.

There are some important guests in your wedding who may be exceptionally quiet. In such a case, the photographer may not know that the particular guest is a very important in your life (e.g. your mother). To prevent such situations, make sure the photographer knows who are the important guests during your actual day wedding ceremony. This is so that the photographer can do his or her best to include more wedding photographs of the more important people in your life who are attending your weddings, rather than giving everyone the same level of importance, which is usually not the case.

Make sure to check with the venue owner beforehand, to ensure that you can take photographs within that location. This is because there are some locations in Singapore which prohibit people from taking photographs inside – for such places, you don’t want to be photographed there only to cause your photographer or yourself to end up in a legal issue in future.

Always have a wet weather plan if you’re having an outdoor prewedding photography shoot. Make sure also to check with the photographer on his or her wet weather policies. Some photographers still charge you a reschedule if you reschedule, while others don’t in the event of bad weather conditions. Make sure to find out all these terms before the actual day of the pre wedding photography session or you would find yourselves very unhappy in future – avoid that by being clear on expectations up front and agree to it first!!!!

3 Best Locations In Singapore For Weddings

There are some locations in Singapore which are definitely way better than others regardless whether you’re looking for inspiration for actual day wedding venues or perhaps even simply a pre wedding photo shoot. Here are some of the best locations you can possibly go to in Singapore for all things weddings related. If you want a prewedding photographer, feel free to contact Grandeur Wedding Studio (Address: #02-00, 16 Purvis St, 188595 Phone: 6681 5798). They have pretty good wedding packages for couples.

1) Hort Park

If you love nature, then Hort Park is a must for you to go to for your wedding venue. With beautiful and lush greenery and flora all around, all within the close vicinity of the city and Central Business District, it feels like a fantasy world which popped right out of the urban landscape of SG. Hort Park is a hot favorite among couples in Singapore, especially those who absolutely love cute outdoor weddings. If you’re a person who love the outdoors as well, then Hort Park is definitely one of the best choices you can possibly have in Singapore. Why go to Botanic Gardens which is usually so crowded when you can have almost the entire Hort Park to yourself? Additionally, it’s much more convenient to get to Hort Park regardless of the mode of transportation versus the Singapore Botanic Gardens…

2) Fullerton Hotel

In my opinion the grand stairwells within Fullerton Hotel and the magnificent looking exterior makes for a great wedding photograph if used as backdrops. This is also the reason why many people go to Fullerton Hotel for their wedding photo shoot. On top of that, Fullerton Hotel offers very attractive wedding banquet packages for couples (note: definitely far from the cheapest), and couples who want their wedding banquet to be lavish can consider going to and holding their actual day wedding at Fullerton Hotel. Additionally, it is located at a convenient area, and whether your guests drive or take the public transport only, they can reach there rather quickly and easily!

3) Siloso Beach

During non-holiday seasons, Siloso Beach is actually a big hotspot for couples looking to hold their weddings as well as have their wedding photoshoot. (NOTE: do not go there during the New Year countdown or you would be stuck with probably 10 thousand other people.)

Other than holiday periods, Siloso Beach on Sentosa Island is a gorgeous place in which you can take photographs as though you’re in Hawaii but without spending the big bucks traveling to Hawaii.

The 3 locations above are some of the best places you can consider having your wedding held or at least have your pre wedding photographs shot at.

Here’s Why Singapore Photographers Are Better Than Others

There are lots of photographers around the world, but if you’re talking about wedding photography in particular, then the photographers you can find in Singapore will definitely be better than that of others around the world.

First of all, because Singapore has a tiny population size, good word of mouth can spread very quickly in Singapore and help to grow a photographer’s business. Therefore, you can be assured that virtually all photographers in Singapore work hard to ensure that is the case for themselves. On the receiving end, as a customer, you will only get the benefits and that is great news! You would be served by photographers who are constantly looking to improve their photo taking quality and skills as well as improving their customer service and sales skills. That’s improving the customer experience, and spells great news all around for couples looking to engage a photographer like Grandeur Singapore, which work hard at better servicing their customers.

Next of all, it’s because Singapore couples are very nit picky. Generally, they like to complain about small things and nit pick at services and prices. This means that the photographers and studios in Singapore would have experienced lots of this as well, and have adjusted their service features as well as pricing to target these people. Once again, this spells competition for photographers, but for you, as a customer, spells greatness.

Now, this isn’t exactly a point that makes Singapore photographers better than others in terms of service and/or pricing, but it does make your life easier. This is because most photographers have a website. Not every country has 99% of photographers with a website to their name. Singapore has around 98 to 99% online presence for the wedding studios and photographers, which makes browsing portfolio e.t.c. very simple for customers point of view – e.g. your point of view.

There are basically so many reasons as to why picking a photographer in Singapore or from Singapore is the best choice you can possibly make for your wedding photography. Regardless whether you’re a local or a foreigner coming to SIngapore for your wedding photo shoot, hiring and engaging a local wedding photography studio or photographer would definitely be the better decision due to the high service quality as well as great technical skills. Alright, with all that said, let me congratulate you and your fiance on your upcoming marriage, make more babies ^^ Cheers and have a nice day.

Wedding Photographs Are The Best Photographs

There are lots of photography types in Singapore, and professional photographers in Singapore specialize in things such as maternity, baby, toddler, wedding, abstract photography due to different requirements in the market place. However, in my opinion, wedding photography is the best type of photography in Singapore and they look the most beautiful… here is why:

  • At family portraits, sometimes the smile may feel forced, especially if it’s a large family. This is because many times there would be several young kids who are dragged to the family photo shoot session, and not be able to go do what they want – e.g. play. This then results in a photograph where kids (or maybe even some adults) smile at the photo shoot but somehow the natural and pure feeling of bliss is not there. You should know what I mean.
  • When it comes to wedding photographs, the couple has planned the photoshoot for at least several good months and are eagerly looking forward to it! In addition, the photographs taken would also have been well planned and thought out by the couple beforehand. Additionally, many couples who go for prewedding photography actually go for an outdoor photography session and this makes everything simply more fun than simply getting their photographs taken at a studio! There would be traveling, joking and fun throughout the entire photo shoot instead of simply posing and changing attires, which can feel very formal. An outdoor pre wedding photography session can be really fun and exciting!
  • Wedding photographs are usually taken on the actual day of the wedding or before the wedding. This is also otherwise known as the ‘honeymoon’ period and is the most exciting period in the couple’s lives. You can usually see the sparkle in the couple’s eyes and see the love they have for each other, and the trust they put in each other because they’re soon going to be wedded for the rest of their lives. This is why wedding photographs, when well taken, look extremely passionate compared to other types of photography that you usually see in Singapore.
  • A wedding is the most important event in a bride’s life. Obviously, it’s pretty darn important to a groom as well, but a wedding is something that every girl dreams of when young. Every lady wants a perfect wedding and being wedded to the guy of their dreams since they were a little girl… and this holds true in every country and part of the world. That is why when you look at wedding photographs, you usually feel very happy because the wedding gown, the wedding photographs e.t.c. are the exact ones that the bride has always wanted since she was little. It’s kind of like a dream come true for a girl 🙂